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“Amazing facility!  I’ve taken the tour and am now saving up for my own retirement.  I can’t image a better place to spend my retirement years!” ~ Google Review

“Beautiful facility, great place to work.” ~ Google Review

“I have the privilege of working at Stoneridge Creek, and I love it! I feel like my work has meaning and I have many opportunities for growth.” ~ Google Review

“I like the fact that it is compact and easy to walk everywhere.” ~ Yelp Review

“…what a gift we have given our children by downsizing and moving to a Continuing Care Community.” ~ Yelp Review

“I love living at Stoneridge Creek.” ~ Yelp Review

“The meals are varied, healthy, and delicious.” ~ Yelp Review

“We are so glad we chose Stoneridge Creek as our new home.” ~ Yelp Review

“The residents and staff here are friendly and caring.” ~ Yelp Review

“We like living here even more than we thought.” ~ Yelp Review

“The friends I have made are wonderful, everyone is so welcoming.” ~ Yelp Review

“My life is more active and involved since I moved to SRC.” ~ Yelp Review

“It is a great place to begin the next chapter of your life.” ~ Yelp Review

“The staff is wonderful and seem to be very happy working here.” ~ Yelp Review

“The management and staff are highly professional and go out of their way to accommodate us.” ~ Yelp Review

“Two of our more pleasant surprises are the quality of the meals and the ever expanding friendships that we encounter.” ~ Yelp Review

“The amenities and care offered are first class.” ~ Yelp Review

“I’ve recently moved here and I love it.” ~ Yelp Review

“I made the right move.” ~ Yelp Review

“This is a wonderful place to retire.” ~ Yelp Review

“They really focus on helping you maintain good health.” ~ Yelp Review

“After 3.5 years of residing at Stoneridge Creek, I am just as happy as I was in the first month I moved here!” ~ Yelp Review

“I have made so many wonderful friends here that it is hard to find time to dine with all of them!” ~ Yelp Review

“What a great life!” ~ Yelp Review

“Amazing place… amazing staff.” ~ Yelp Review

“Thank you Stoneridge Creek, you make my life full of joy and worry-free.” ~ Yelp Review

“Whether you are a joiner or a loner, there is something for each.” ~ Yelp Review

“And the food is absolutely first rate!” ~ Yelp Review

“For us, Stoneridge Creek was absolutely the next best move.” ~ Yelp Review

“We couldn’t have chosen a better place.” ~ Yelp Review

“We couldn’t have asked for a better chef and staff who provide an amazing variety of meals.” ~ Yelp Review

“I describe this place as “Never a dull moment.” True.” ~ Yelp Review

“You name it, you’ll find it here.” ~ Yelp Review

“There is just not enough time in the day!” ~ Yelp Review

“My husband and I often tell each other how lucky we were that we found our home here.” ~ Yelp Review

“At our stage of life it is a gift to be able to make new friends, as well as keep the old ones…” ~ Yelp Review

“Honestly, I had no idea that being ‘old’ could be so enjoyable!  I should have become old sooner…” ~ Yelp Review

“I have nothing but the highest praise for every aspect of Stoneridge Creek.” ~ Yelp Review

“They have lived up to everything they promised.” ~ Yelp Review

“It is a great comfort to know we will be cared for in all stages of health needs.” ~ Yelp Review

“It has more than met our expectations.” ~ Yelp Review

“The staff are kind and fun.” ~ Review

“Our advice is to move in before you think you need it…” ~ Review

“Stoneridge is outstanding, great food, excellent facilities, helpful staff.” ~ Facebook Review

“Beautiful place.” ~ Facebook Review

“I love it here.” ~ Facebook Review